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Specialist treatment for spinal, joint,
muscle and nerve conditions.

6A Cross St, Shanklin

> Pain relief

> Mobility issues

> Sports injury

> Rehabilitation

Dr Luther Moss

After running a multidisciplinary health clinic in London since 2010, Dr Moss has moved back to the Isle of Wight and brings this experience of working with a wide range of health professionals to his new smaller practice in Shanklin. He provides treatment to patients suffering from acute or long term pain and those wishing to improve their overall health and sporting  performance.


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Selena A.

“Dr Moss is extremely knowledgeable, personable, thorough and he really cares about his patients."

A clear treatment process

Thorough Assessment

A full medical and health history and thorough physical examination for every patient

Clear Diagnosis

Orthopaedic, chiropractic and neurological testing combined with relevant x-ray or MRI imaging results

Expert Treatment

Experienced chiropractic care, bespoke rehabilitation exercises and  soft tissue techniques

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